Dancing with myself

Recently, I've become this side of obsessed with creating cloth dolls. My first foray into this craft was to make a few mermaids. The first one I made, a pattern from Paula McGee printed out at 70%. I didn't notice it until I started putting her together and sat there wondering how in Heaven's name I was going to get that tail finished...I looked and looked and looked at the pattern and then realized it had printed so small because my delightful printer had scaled it down to fit a letter-sized print out...

sigh...Anyhoo, here's a shot of 2 mermaids together - you can see how tiny the 70% one is...

After that, I saw one of Arley Berryhill's drool-worthy tribal belly dancer dolls at the Sewing Expo down in Puyallup and had to make one for myself!

Here she is sort of third-quarters finished, missing jewelry, head gear, a fluffy underskirt, etc.

I had so many issues with this doll...but I persevered. I took her hip scarf away since it wasn't draping particularly well, and made her a dance belt with tassels. And added bracelets, a "belly drop" of two chains, a necklace, flowers for her hair and some dreads...

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