In a Red Currant Jam...

The Northwest is renown for its cherries, apples and berries, but I was completely surprised to find a half flat of red currants at Central Market! I didn't know we grew enough of them in this area to merit them being packed up in half flats and sold in grocery stores. So, naturally, I HAD to purchase a half flat and make some jam.

While I was in the check out line by the cash register a man behind me in line said "Oohh, those things are sour! What are you going to do with them?"

"Make jam," I replied.

"They're really really sour, you can't eat 'em. I know, 'cause I tried a couple and had to spit them out." he said.

Niccccceeee, I thought. Some old dude goes around sampling the fruity wares and spitting all over the floor of the produce section. Just greaaaaaat.

So I brought them home and started removing their little sticks and stems...Aren't they just darling?

And, yes, I did have to put one helluva lot of sugar in the pot as I cooked them!

I actually got 4 jars out of this batch, but gave one to a colleague at work. My cat Jynx remains unimpressed.