I'm a textile artist who specializes in accessories for costumes and social events. I love a good challenge and enjoy puzzling through off-the-wall projects that amuse and delight my customers and followers. I currently offer a collection of headdresses, crowns, and tiaras for fantasy festivals and cosplay conventions, and am also branching out into unique jewelry pieces and upcycled dolls and figurines, offering new perspectives on these items.


I am living a most remarkable life! Lucky enough to mix and match my technical and artistic abilities with free abandon, over the years I've been a wardrobe mistress on a few feature films, editor on several commercials, and I've worked in corporate IT for over a decade. 

My inspiration comes from children's books, second-hand stores, textiles, overheard conversations and imaginative what-ifs. I like to think my designs are meditations in color and texture that reflect the intricate meanderings that encompass everyday life. But I have to admit, playing with textiles isn't my only passion - I've had a long love affair with other art forms, from marbling to mediaeval illumination, to watercolor, to glassblowing.

 About Annika